Online Armwrestling Coaching

Travis Bagent Elite Seminar: 
American legend of the sport Travis Bagent is set to deliver an elite series armwrestling seminar on February 6th, 2021.

This multiple World Champion is an absolute monster on the table and will undoubtedly go down as one the greatest of all time. 

The seminar will take place via the coaching members area of the Ryan Blue Bowen YouTube channel and costs $29.99 to access.

Be sure to sign up to the coaching service here for access to the seminar.

Want to take your armwrestling to the next level? youve come to the right place!
Our coaching is run by two of Australia's best professional armwrestlers Ryan Bowen and Lachlan Adair. Both Ryan and Lachlan have extensive international experience and are two of the most dedicated armwrestlers on the planet.

Schedule of services.

Base level Monthly Coaching: Three Day training split program designed by Lachlan Adair and Facilitated by Ryan Bowen via YouTube members area. 

Lachlan draws on his extensive knowledge of strength programming from the powerlifting world and combines that with his armwrestling experience. The result is a complete well rounded and constantly evolving fundamental armwrestling program that will guarantee to take you to the next level.

Also in the basic program you receive a monthly members only video describing the specific nature of the program + a weekly live Q&A with Ryan and Lachlan directly via the members only area.

The basic coaching is $29.99 AUD / month. You can sign up  to the basic members coaching here 
Private Coaching: Receive all the benefits of the monthly coaching, plus receive 4 x 15 minute personal video calls with Ryan.
Ryan is genuinely dedicated to mastering the combat side of armwrestling. he maintains the philosophy that strength isnt enough  and that correct application of combat skills will amplify your power at the table. 
Ryan is a world travelled professional armwrestler who has been a student of John Brzenk, Devon Larratt, Travis Bagent and Todd Hutchings, and combines this world of knowledge into this coaching service.

Private coaching is $149.99 AUD / month and you can sign up here

Direct In Person Coaching:  Ryan / Lachlan (Brisbane Only) AUD $70/hour. Enquire directly to Ryan or Lachlan via

Humbly, Lachlan and I would like to thank all of you for being in this group. We will continue to share at no cost, all of our knowledge with you as we grow in our pursuit of world titles in this great sport.
We are honoured that through a group such as this we are able to take steps to this sport becoming our genuine career.
And to those who sign up, we thoroughly look forward to giving you the best possible value for money coaching we can. 💪💪