The Essential Cable Handle Collection

  • $150.00


Receive all four of the p4p handles.


Handle 1: The Critical Spinner

The best possible handle for replicating the critical moments in Armwrestling that determine the winner. An incredibly versatile tool and a favourite of Devon Larratt. 

Handle 2: The Vector Wrench

Use this handle to develop world class containment. Focusing on finger rigidity and finger flexion this unforgiving favourite handle of Todd Hutchings will change your game.

Handle 3 The Flexion Wrench

The heavy lifting handle in the range. The Flexion Wrench is all about the wrist. Your fingers are assisted by the strapping, directing all of the load into your wrist flexion. Expect big 1RM numbers with on what is probably the most important strength in Armwrestling.

Handle 4: The G.O.A.T Spinner 

Named after the G.O.A.T of armwrestling John Brzenk who is know for his top finger leading wrist flexion, this handle offers the perfect balance of finger containment and wrist flexion and delivers it directly to your top two fingers.

My personal favourite in the range.

Be like the G.O.A.T

Get the G.O.A.T Spinner