What it Means to Pull in the WAL

What it Means to Pull in the WAL

As I write this I am 9 days out from my debut in the World Armwrestling League. For me, put simply, this is the realisation of a childhood dream. Being officially recognised as a professional athlete genuinely makes me happier than any other vocation possible. I've been chasing this since I was three years old, and now in what I consider the number 1 platform possible, the World Armwrestling League, I get to compete in the sport I love.

Being given this opportunity is part of the snowballing series of events I've been afforded in the last 12 months. Through the rapid growth of Pound for Pound Armwrestling and my promotion side of my career, I have had the opportunity to rub shoulders with and become friends with an extraordinary number of elite Armwrestlers. John Brzenk, Devon Larratt, Travis Bagent, Todd Hutchings lead the list, but by no means are the limit to it. This exposure to such a wide variety of elites has allowed me to gather so much information on training techniques, strategies, nutrition and mental preparation that I truly feel like I am beyond blessed with the perfect combination of influence anyone could dream of. What becomes of me with guidance like this is what truly excites me most.

So where does that all leave me and what are my goals. I'm hungry. Hungry to join the elite ranks of global Armwrestlers with nothing short of becoming the world rank number 1 for my weight as the goal.

I believe that elusive world number 1 rank is still a considerable way up the ladder, but with where I am at right now and the momentum I feel, I am confident of that being an appropriate goal to continue to chase.

In the mean time my goals are simple. Defeat Allen Guerra at 504, call out and defeat Justin Bishop in the WAL, and earn my right to have a shot at the Middleweight WAL hammer in early 2020.

Ultimately, becoming a WAL athlete is something I will treasure. The people that championed my cause to have this opportunity mean the world to me. In particular Neil Pickup and Devon Larratt both had great influence on it happening, and for that I will always be grateful.

I am in the best form of my life, and feel like I am rapidly improving. I am determined to always remain humble and respectful to my opponents, as I know exactly how committed one must be to be at the highest level, but right now I feel like I just about can't be stopped.

See you at WAL 504.

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