Toproll Vs Hook | The classic battle

Toproll Vs Hook | The classic battle

It is the most pure balance of styles possible. Pronation vs wrist flexion, creating distance vs closing distance, hand vs arm, good vs evil, it has been called so many things, but at the end of the day the toproll vs the hook is the most classic battle you will see in professional armwrestling.

What I find most fascinating about each of these styles is the culture that exists behind each of them. Firstly, toprollers. Known for their often long skinny arms, gangly fingers, and their unassuming physical appearance, these guys are the king's of crushing the ego of big framed newcomers, they impart superior ulna deviation (chop), combined with drag and pronation to truly disconnect their opponents from their arm power.

To a toproller the sport is often about finesse and technique and execution of counter attacks, they sit on a pedestal of hand and wrist superiority and love hearing an opponent say, but can you beat me in a hook!

Then there is the culture of the hookers. The dark side, the angry men, the no fuss, power based athletes that dare you to meet them arm in arm. They dominate in wrist flexion, bicep, tricep and shoulder power.

To a hooker the sport is about horsepower. The thought of trying to run from a fight makes them want to vomit and instead they look to defeat their opponents through their strongest position. When a hooker defeats someone he leaves no doubt that he is the stronger man.

Ultimately, both of these styles are brilliant components of the sport, and so many classic matches have unfolded between them.

So which side are you?

Good or evil? Wizardry or Power? Toproll or Hook?

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