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Hey guys, welcome to The Plug, where every once in a while I like to pause and reflect on everything that is the business of Pound for Pound ARMWRESTLING and it's journey of building the sport globally.

For us the mission has never changed, to build a brand that can empower more people to call armwrestling a career.

As each year goes by we become closer to achieving this goal and for this Plug episode I have some wonderful things to share with you.

As of today Pound for Pound ARMWRESTLING officially sponsors 4 athletes for their travel to armwrestling tournaments all around the world. Lachlan Adair, Jordan Davis, Marcus Atirai and of course myself. Each of these athletes are fully committed to chasing the elite level of the sport and for us, being able to empower these athletes to access tournaments like the Zloty Tur is something we are very proud of.

In addition to the above mentioned athletes we are very excited to now be sponsoring armwrestling content creators. We now officially sponsor the incredibly talented Uncle Jon and we are in negotiations to sponsor the one and only Neil Pickup and his Supernatural Strength channel. Both of these gentlemen provide such high quality content to the armwrestling world, and to be able to put money in their pockets directly will help them to keep on pushing forward and ultimately continue to grow the sport.

The final sponsorship we are undertaking is of the Australian Armwrestling Federation, where we are committed to providing an ongoing media coverage to the entire Australian Armwrestling community that will be released directly through Armwrestling Australia social media, thus solidifying the Australian armwrestling culture and continuing to provide amazing events. 

All in all, we are so very proud to be able to say that Pound for Pound ARMWRESTLING has taken some major steps these last 6 months to establish direct support to the global armwrestling community.
Our goal as a company is to become everything armwrestling, and we feel we are on the right path.

The armwrestling community is full of so many talented people, and we believe that it is without doubt certain the sport will grow significantly over the next few years. When we work together, we will continue to provide more and more financial support to athletes and only good things can come.

All of this is possible really because of you guys. It is your purchases of products from that keeps the wheels turning. Every tshirt, strap, grip, chalk, training program and so much more that you buy directly contributes to supporting the growth of the sport.

In fact, it is the recent growth in your support that has allowed us to make these commitments to these athletes and content creators listed above.

So in wrapping up, I want to thank you for your ongoing support and ask you as always to keep buying from us. We strive to make our products the highest quality possible and we are certain you will love them as much as we do.
Our product line is expanding every week right now and the sky is the limit. 
Thank you once again




Pound for Pound ARMWRESTLING pty ltd.

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