The Future of Pound for Pound

The Future of Pound for Pound

Pound for Pound was launched as a front line brand with the intent to broadly represent the theme of Armwrestling entertainment. Firmly fixed to the concept that I wanted to establish a business that i truly love operating, Pound for Pound became the brand that would be the future of my merchandise line and tournaments.

One thing that is certain when I think about the concept of building a brand around armwrestling is that it is incredibly important that I respect and protect the integrity of the armwrestling community, the pullers and the people that have volunteered tirelessly for us to have this great sport.

I am aware, that anyone who is bold enough to step out and look to profit from this sport can quickly have egg thrown at them and be labelled as greedy and going against the love of the sport, so I am determined to give back.

So here's the thing; the brand I am building in Pound for Pound will always be a brand that has the sole aim of providing value for armwrestlers. Its primary purpose will be to provide entertaining spectacles between armwrestlers. My business plan builds toward real cash payouts for supermatches and super tournaments.

My most favored concept is that of supermatches. I want to be able to travel around the world, and also to be able to fly pullers to my home town to compete in high stakes supermatches. I also want to pit clubs against clubs and tell the stories of the people in the matches.

I believe the model that entertains best, is to let the audience really get to know the pullers before the match happens. I plan to get inside the heads of those who compete under the Pound for Pound banner. I want every match to have a home grown, grass roots following that will see each pullers, local community band behind them. And i want the pullers competing for cash.

The secondary purpose of the brand is in fact its life blood. Without it, the first objective has zero hope. And, that objective is to provide genuinely engaging content to the non armwrestling community. The way I intend on doing this is is by supporting the marketing efforts for each puller in the lead up to a supermatch and helping them to connect with their local audience.

My overarching goals within the brand sit firmly within the realms of genuinely providing entertaining content. I never want to lose sight of this, and I will always do my very best to keep this at the forefront of what I do.

Ultimately, it is still early days, the content is rolling, and the projects are building. Time will bring some big things, but fortunately, this is my project, being run my way so I have eternal patience to see it through.

If you happen to like what I am doing and the direction I am heading, the single best thing you can do right now to help support to journey is visit and grab yourself one of the new tshirt designs.

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