The Biggest Supermatch in Australian Armwrestling History.

The Biggest Supermatch in Australian Armwrestling History.


The biggest matchup in Australian Armwrestling history is set to occur in March 2021 and wow what a match it will be.

Australian national champion and rank 1 overall armwrestler Ryan the Milkman Scott will face the rapidly up and coming challenger in Lachlan the Anvil Adair.

The reason this is such a big match is due to a few major factors. One, that none of Australia's best have had an opportunity to clash since March of 2019 and two, there is a genuine high tension between these two athletes.

In March of 2020, these athletes were set to face at the Arnold's classic, where many believed Lachlan was destined to claim the title of number one ranked superheavyweight in Australia. Covid raised its ugly head and the event was cancelled. Attempts were made to make a supermatch happen in lieu of Arnold's to no avail, many heated words were said between the two competitors and the Australian Armwrestling fans became divided on the topic of who is really the best armwrestler in the country.

On one hand, we have The Milkman. The man who is officially number one according to Armwrestling Australia rankings. The most recent champion of the national titles, the first man to defeat Guntars Baikovs on right, the most recent man to defeat Ben Carol and the people's choice among athletes in Australia.

On the other we have The Anvil. The man who has the backing of many international opinions as the number one armwrestler in Australia. A former elite powerlifter and student of multiple world champion Janis Amolins, he is the hungriest man in Australian Armwrestling and claims he has already surpassed Ryan.

So what is the track record of these two. On the right hand, the Milkman has crushed Lachlan on two occasions years ago. On the left Lachlan has returned the favour. But the most interesting factor is they haven't met over the table since March of 2019, and since then we have seen some very very significant changes to the athletes.

For Ryan he has been consistently training in his home town of Bunbury, keeping his head down, and winning the Australian national championship, (which Lachlan did not attend)

For Lachlan he has travelled to the Zloty Tur and made an incredible impact going deep into the 105kg draw and is seen to be in one of the most focused training periods of any armwrestler alive.

The ultimate question, is who wins come game day. With the Australian Armwrestling Federation, Stronghold Panduit and Pound for Pound ARMWRESTLING behind the match, there will no doubt be prizemoney on the line, but most importantly the title of number one ranked armwrestler in Australia.

The match is set to happen in Perth in March. Stay tuned for the specific details. It is set to be huge.

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