Pound for Pound Armwrestling to launch world's first dedicated Armwrestling Media, Tournament & Training Facility.

Pound for Pound Armwrestling to launch world's first dedicated Armwrestling Media, Tournament & Training Facility.

The next chapter of Armfights Unleashed and the Pound for Pound Armwrestling Show is just about to begin.

I simply can't express how thrilled I am to be able to announce that the first ever Pound for Pound Armwrestling facility is currently under contract and being officially purchased.

This purpose designed Armwrestling facility is being constructed by Australian Armwrestler Tom Ugljesa and will be home to the brand's first ever fully dedicated training facility, tournament arena, and studio.

The content that will be produced in this studio and arena will be to the standard of an ongoing television show dedicated to covering all things Armwrestling with a focus on Armfights Unleashed. It will also host the world's best Armwrestlers who will visit Brisbane Australia to deliver in depth seminars and exclusive content and the tournaments hosted here will be for serious cash prizes leading toward the coveted Armfights Unleashed title belts.

To say I am excited is an understatement. I believe this chapter is such a significant step forward, that on the back of these productions we will see a significant growth to the global viewership of the sport.

The Oceanic region is the first region away, with the North American region likely to soon follow suit. Pound for Pound Armwrestling is in negotiations with Travis Bagent to potentially take on the role of the North American director of Armfights Unleashed where a similar studio, tournament arena and training facility is proposed to be built.

All in all, I have never been so excited to push forward with the development of the sport. Hiring a consultant to build the audio visual side of this dedicated studio is so ridiculously exciting.

The overall project is set to be completed within approximately 2 months from today, with the opening Armfights Unleashed to be held soon after.

To everyone that has supported Pound for Pound Armwrestling so far, I must pass on an enormous thank you. There have been many doubters of this journey, but even more believers. The dream of making Armwrestling a viable career for as many people as possible is coming together nicely and the best part is we are only just getting started.

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