My first match with a World Champion

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As I sit 30,000 feet above sea level on my flight down to Adelaide I found myself reflecting on my story within the sport.

In 2013 I discovered armwrestling and fell instantly in love with the pursuit of becoming a world champion.

One of the reasons I went all in was that I observed the average age of world champions, and I saw that 40+ years was in fact still seen to be young as a pro. Being only 27 at the time I realised I hadn't missed the boat and immediately went all in.

Fast forward 8 years and I have just booked myself a match with the WAL middleweight world champion Rob Vigeant Junior.

Whether you believe I deserve the match or not, the reality is I've made it this far. Far enough that in the first poll I've seen for the match I have 18% of voters believing I will win.

Many people believe I don't deserve the match, and that I should face guys ranked between Rob and I first. To these people, I offer this. Aside from the fact my business is putting big prizemoney up, take a look at the blueprint of my history. The blueprint that has brought me to this point. It isn't well known among the masses of the sports fans because I've been climbing the ladder, but those who have known me from 2013 will know that I have always sought out matches with guys on paper who are out of my reach.

If you drill down and look at the Australian Armwrestling Federation rankings site, you'll actually see that I've taken more official losses that anyone else. I've never been someone to chase the trophies, I have always entered the most difficult class, and elected to gain experience instead of the win.

This nature to chase progression as a priory over wins in the immediate sense, has been without doubt my number one reason for progressing faster than the people around me. My mantra that I live by, is chase the losses until you can't find them anymore.

So back to my match with Rob. I, once again, like my last 10 supermatches am the heavy underdog, but that is a place I am very comfortable. I've been blessed with a mindset that feels impenetrable when it comes to nerves, I get so excited to give it my all. When this big money match goes down, Rob will face a version of me that is the best version of me that has ever been on the table, and just like my last ten matches, get ready for the underdog to win again.

The 11-0 is on.

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