Mechanical strength vs coordinated strength

Mechanical strength vs coordinated strength


Weight lifting is necessary but not the key point of armwrestling. The key point is the coordination at the table. That coordination is not built by the equipment. People who lifts heavy may lose against people who lifts light. Muscles which are not coordinated will not perform as good as lifting numbers make you believe.

Your lifting numbers are as effective as your strength transfer to the table. Learning how to armwrestle correctly and having great coordination at the table have nothing to do with the date on the calendar. If i would count most coordinated guys in the history then majority would be from the past. It's because today people are looking more mechanical to the sport.

In 2018 i won both WAF and Zloty with max 70% of prime form. That was because i was coordinated better than my young and healthy opponents maybe with the exception of Tarasaitis who is also great about coordination. Even against him i got the control but joint wasn't Strong enough to finish him. 

In short the strength that we need in Armwrestling is not as simple as lifting weights. Most important is control, if you have control at the table then the numbers that you lift matters. It's all about synergy by coordinating as many as possible muscle groups to apply pressure against as many as possible muscle groups of your opponent at same time. The one with the weak link on the chain loses the strategy game unless one dominates the other one with overwhelming power. Armwrestling is a strategy game that's played with strength. If you want to play this game at the highest level then you need to know the responsibility of every Armwrestling related muscle group to control them. 

Lifting weight is one thing, choosing necessary liftings is another thing, lifting in correct form is another, coordinating muscle groups with weight lifting another, and coordination at the table against different type of arms minds and styles are totally different things. Table training is a lot about the reaction as well. Making right decisions in shortest possible times and applying successfully have nothing to do with weight lifting.

You train your wrist with weights, why? Because you want to perform better at the table right? But you go table and instead of trying to control your opponent's pronator with your wrist you just pronate your hand without wrist control or you just jump forward to hook instead of using your wrist. How about using the wrist at where we need the most in most realistic way? You can still win in the way that i criticized whenever necessary but training is to train properly.

Do your best to pull properly first then if necessary then look for alternative solutions. Don't sacrifice long term benefits for the sake of saving the moment.

Best Armwrestling training is a great training team with pullers who are strong, experienced and have good intention. There is no handle that applies technique against you.

Armwrestling is much more than weight lifting strength, it's a physical combat sport. You fight against a human body which is controlled by a brain. Even specific training is not solution if not well coordinated and not used smart enough. So don't put hopes in equipment and lifting numbers alone but also most important training which is high level table time.

Reaction time, strategies against different techniques etc are important factors. When you train with equipment all goes as you plan but when you pull against other human beings you need to make right decisions in a short time. Controlling a handle and controlling a well developed toproll are way too different things. Muscle development and correct muscle memory are different things. Train with equipment but always remember that the key is at the table.

Your gym training doesn't build your pulling style, your pulling style shapes your gym training. First you must have a most sense making pulling strategy and then you prepare training for it. Because we don't Armwrestle to be successful in the gym but we train in the gym to be successful in Armwrestling.

Anything Armwrestling specific you train in the gym should be with visualizing of the same movement you do at the table.

The key is about performance at the table both in training and competition.

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