Making a Career of Armwrestling

Making a Career of Armwrestling

For a very long time the thought of making Armwrestling a career has been perceived nearly as an impossibility. To this day an incredibly small number of people have been able to achieve such a step. Names like Mazurenko and Pickup come to
mind as widely successful within our sporting fraternity, and as some of the only people to have really established careers on the back of armwrestling, but as our sport grows we are seeing a sudden spike in opportunity for more names to join this list.
Thanks to the global shift in the way entertainment is consumed, the middle man of television networks has been removed.
Content creators from absolutely any walk of life now have the ability to reach global audiences and achieve that status of Armwrestling truly becoming a career.

On Facebook alone in the last 6 months the global audience that is 'interested' in armwrestling related content has grown from 880,000 to 1.6M people. Facebook defines 'interested' as users who regularly engage with armwrestling related content.

This spike is a direct result of more and more creative armwrestlers picking up cameras and uploading content.

An honorable mention must be made to Alex Beziazkov, from the YouTube channel Armwrestling TV. Alex, his wife and his brother have together built a channel that is reaching Millions of viewers every month, and they truly are now in a position where they call armwrestling their career. 

Devon Larratt is probably the world's most influential armwrestler, and on the back of his popularity and notoriety, he has built a YouTube channel that is worthy of a career. His influence on the sport so far can never be underestimated. I believe Devon has truly been a major factor for the what is now a benefit we all receive.

However, it is not only these big accounts that are seeing success. Many other content creators are also on the fringe of this being a career. The Voice of Armwrestling, SATV, NBK Media ToprollKing Productions are a few that can be mentioned whom are all making enormous strides and are so close to that critical moment.

And every day we see more and more new channels with incredibly talented content creators embarking on this quest.

Now, for me this quest began 6 years ago, at the same time as I started as an armwrestler. 4.5 years of noone watching, earning only $34 in that time I very much fit into the category of impossibility. But fast forward to today and Pound for Pound Armwrestling now not only supports a career for myself, but has now appointed Artem Taranenko from ToprollKing Productions as a full-time employee on a salary of $350USD per week.

It may not be a lavish amount of money, but the fact the business is at that point that it can offer Artem that money to work in the field he loves is something I consider so ridiculously awesome.

Pound for Pound Armwrestling now stands with two full-time paid employees and continues to engage other operators on paid contract work for specific events.

The greatest thing about all of this, is that we are only such a small percentage into this journey. I can't wait for Pound for Pound Armwrestling to have 200 employees and for the sport to be flourishing.

The dream that once seemed impossible is waking up. It is emerging at a rate that will surprise many doubters, and with its rise, the sport will achieve the heights it has always aimed for and the legends of our sport will finally receive the backend careers and rewards they have always deserved.

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