Devon Larratt The Hero Has Returned

Devon Larratt The Hero Has Returned

WAL 506 is a wrap and in this 2019 season finale we saw the long awaited return of vintage Devon Larratt.

Stoic, standing tall, clean shaven, looking calm and collected he was the stronger man and delivered in style.

The way he handled Brazilian Wagner Bortolato was nothing short of a masterclass. Displaying both strength and skill Devon was reminiscent of his left hand supermatch with the late Andrey Pushkar

Devon tamed the enourmous energy of 300lb Wagner with a display that brought out a world's first. In round two of this match we saw the world's first ever Dad move used to finish a foe at the professional level. This achievement can't be underestated in its significance. To bleed a man that much and have the hand control to grip that low is simply astounding.

Credit to Wagner Bortolato who made an absolutely brilliant debut. This man's energy and fire is exactly what the sport needs, and his inclusion in future WAL events is a must. Wagner showed spirit and determination by flop pressing Larratt to take the third round and push Larratt to adapt yet again.

At the end of the event, without a doubt the world of Armwrestling fans drew a sigh of relief. Globally, many were struggling with the transition of Devon from super hero to super villain, but in one fell swoop, and a incredibly sportsman like performance, No Limits, Devon Larratt, the super hero has returned.  

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