Can you beat this Skinny Guy? (Armwrestling Challenge)

Posted by Ryan Bowen on

Can you beat this Skinny Guy?

With the growing popularity of professional armwrestling there has never been a better opportunity for athletes all backgrounds and disciplines to test out their ability in this classic test of strength.

On Friday 24 January, at South Bank , Brisbane, Australia Australias best lightweight Armwrestler Jordan Davis will be taking on all comers.

Seriously, how hard can it be to defeat this Skinny Guy?

Everyone is free to have a go at defeating Jordan. Powerlifters, Strongman, Crossfit, Tradies, Farmers old and young, pin Jordan you win $50.

The event will be filmed and feature on the YouTube channel, Pound for Pound Armwrestling!

Do you have what it takes to pin this skinny guy?

Event details can be seen here

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