Blueprint for Becoming an Armwrestling Champion.

Blueprint for Becoming an Armwrestling Champion.


Everyone knows how to toproll hook or side press, so it is important to apply them successfully at the high level events. Taking the ball from mid field and making goal after passing everyone in Champions League is different than doing the same thing in an amateur league. Armwrestling is like a school and it has elementary, middle, high school,  and also university.  Also there are teachers for each level. Everyone can be a teacher of the levels below theirs since they passed the previous level by years of experience.

Anyways, as i said many times, armwrestling is deeper than what many people think. If knowledge is shared then everyone will benefit as much as their understanding and application capacity.

Kazakhs, Bulgarians, Ossetians, Janis and a few others have my utmost respect about their understanding and application. I respect all others but not at the level of the ones that I mentioned. In Armwrestling there is more than one way to reach to the top. There are proven ways to help groups of people to be successful and also some people who have extraordinary abilities to reach to top.

But no matter even if you teach the best methods, still it's up to the person's understanding, application abilities, genetics, dedication, courage, intelligence etc to be successful.

Knowledge is an ocean and we are far from reaching all.

What is the main 'must' training of armwrestling?

It's table training.

Why? Because that's the place that you will learn to coordinate the most number of armwrestling muscle groups. That is the place that will shape your pulling styles.

Table training will shape your pulling style and this can mean good but also bad. If you do right things at the table it will be a good investment while pulling wrong will shape something negative. So that's why it's possible that people who are not great about lifting have chance to beat the guys who are lifting great in the gym.

So make sure you go to table rested and repeat correct movements at the table. Memory is important but there is good and bad memory. Lifting by itself will not make you great at the table as long you don't do the right things at the table. Even one table time is a lot of opportunity of right repetations, imagine all table times that you have in your life.

Lifting = Assistant training
Table = Time for perfection

It has been about 30 years and I am still learning, not only by experiences but also seeking to learn. More i learn more I realize that there are much more to learn. One may say it's not a rocket science but it's not as simple as some thinks. I don't wanna go into details as more I write more it will need explanation. But in short to know all necessary muscle groups, to know how they work, to know what they do in Armwrestling, to know how to train them specific for Armwrestling, to know how to train them to create coordination, and to coordinate them at the table and use against different built opponents and different techniques.. very hard thing to do..

Even if you know all these it's still up to your capacity of performance. That includes intelligence, genetics, speed, courage, experience etc.

It's not easy as some thinks. Difficulty level is increasing when you target higher levels.

Armwrestling is a treasure waiting to be discovered by the rest of the World. Too bad that majority of the people don't know this.

If you have a bicep strength to do 50 kg half motion Scott Curl, can you still curl that weight if the dumbbell is not set to your hand in comfortable position, but say 1 more inch to your index finger side? Surely you can not as there will be too much pressure on your pronator side. What i mean is that your bicep strength in armwrestling will mean as much as your forearm strength as the pressure in armwrestling is not as balanced as you hold a dumbell. So that's why forearm muscle groups are so important because they are the ones that make upper arm effective. For example pronator. Looks simple to train it right? You van hold a weight through a belt that is coming from thumb side of your hand and pronate but training this muscle specifically is's deeper than how it looks;

Step 1: To know what are Pronator teres and quadratus

Step 2: To know what they do in arm

Step 3- How they are trained in simple ways

Step 4- How they are trained specifically for armwrestling

Step 5- How they should coordinate with other Armwrestling muscle groups

Step 6- With which muscle groups they should be coordinated against different techniques

Step 7- How to do these coordination trainings

Step 8- How to use them at the table

Once John Brzenk said the most important of the muscle groups start from the hand to the body. For example you need your fingers to keep the opponent's pressure in your palm to use your wrist as effective as possible, you need your wrist to bring your opponent's forearm into your strongest pressure angle, your brachiradialis and bicep to bring your hand close to your upper arm, you need your lat to bring your upper arm to your body and the main pressure comes to the pad from your upper body which is supported by lower body.

Of course there are different ways to armwrestle as well but I talk about the most idealistic way.

And this for me a basic blueprint to becoming an armwrestling champion. 




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