Aiming For The 2020 Top 8

Aiming For The 2020 Top 8


About 2 weeks ago I made the announcement that I was going to be competing in the 2019 Zloty Tur in the 86kg category. I hired a nutritionist to help me cut the weight from 94kg to 86kg and was feeling very ready to move toward a lean and light version of myself, but then a spanner was thrown in the works.

After making the announcement in social media, the greatest Armwrestler of all time, John Brzenk, left a comment that I would be better off competing in the 95kg class.

This comment intrigued and confused me and many others at first. I messaged John and asked him if he just was against the weight cut, to which he responded, no, give me a call.

So with that I called John and discovered the now public news that John is considering entering the 95kg Top 8 next year, and furthermore that a top 4 finish in the Zloty Tur in the 95kg division this year would likely see an invitation to be a contender in the Top 8.

Achieving such an invitation would be a massive deal for any Armwrestler, myself included. And to have John tell me that he believes I can make the top four was one of the most empowering things I have ever heard.

So, with seven weeks untill the 2019 Zloty Tur, I am training harder and more effectively than I ever have before.

With the firm goal of making the top 4 in mind I have never been more focused and simply cannot wait to unleash.

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